25−27 April 2024
Asia’s most definitive expo
for Flooring & Allied products!

Venue: Bangalore International
Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru, India

Partnership Opportunities
There are many different ways of benefitting from the Floor india exhibition.
You can increase your company's exposure by becoming a Partner of the show, advertising in the exhibition's promotional materials, or simply visiting the show and gaining first-hand information about the new developments in the market and latest technology advancements.
Branding gives an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd, reinforce, enhance and establish corporate visibility amongst the targeted audience. Branding is a great way to reinforce your brand message with following benefits:
  1. Enhance your leadership status
  2. Educate and inspire a targeted audience with your products and services
  3. Raise brand awareness and create preference to a targeted audience
  4. Build leadership status in the industry
  5. Create positive PR and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole
  6. Build brand positioning through associative imagery
  7. Create internal emotional commitment to the brand
  8. Provide innovative solutions to the industry
  9. Provide revenue generating ideas

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